Robots Enforce Face Masks, UN Says Pandemic Will Last 2 Years, and Absurd New Mask Orders

David Dees
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The World Health Organization announced that the COVID-19 pandemic may be around for two more years. Trinity Metro in Ft. Worth, Texas has installed ROSA, a robot that can detect when people are not wearing face masks. The CEO of the company said that his mind was blown by how many more people are complying with wearing  masks when a machine tells them to do it. He also said that sales are increasing as businesses are bracing for the possibility they’ll have to enforce Covid-19 safety measures for “years to come.”

In Tennessee, Sharon Hurt, a Nashville City Council member, proposed that if someone passes the coronavirus to another person and it kills them, then the person who passed the virus should be tried for murder or attempted murder. However, the city council cannot create criminal legislation, only the state legislature can, and it would be impossible to prove who transmitted a virus.

In Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole advised employees to wear a mask to participate in a virtual meeting on video-conference calls where they could be seen by others.  In Maine, Democrat Governor Janet Mills issued a guideline option for restaurant servers to wear an inverted face shield similar to a plastic “cone of shame” for dogs that is fitted at the neck and is open at the top, instead of a mask.

Trinity Metro is one of the first agencies in the country to deploy this type of technology at its train stations in Fort Worth.   

A north Texas agency is one of the first places in the country to use a new, robotic technology, that will help enforce mask orders– hoping to end person-to-person conflicts.

There have been several confrontations caught on camera showing angry customers confronted for ignoring mandatory mask policies.  Several of those videos have gone viral.

“They’re horrifying videos, they’re just horrifying, they’re not fun,” said Steve Reinharz, founder and CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices.

Reinharz’s company is trying to take ugliness out of these encounters by deploying a robot at public places.

“We developed a face mask analytic so we can either say look for people with face masks on or look for people without a face masks on,” said Reinharz.

They call the robot, ROSA, which means responsive observation security agent.

When ROSA recognizes a person about to enter a business without a mask, you hear and see the warning immediately.

“It is a nonbiased, non-confrontational approach to reminding people to wear their face mask,”

Jon-Erik “AJ” Arjanen, vice president and COO for Trinity Metro.

Trinity Metro is one of the first agencies in the country to deploy this type of technology at its train stations in Fort Worth.   The agency told NBC 5 the device also frees up staff.

“We‘ve had the ROSAs up for about just about a month now and have really great feedback on those,” said Arjanen.  “Innovation and technology is advancing every day and it is what we’re trying to do. From an agency standpoint to leverage this. So, again, we can better utilize our human capital at other locations where there might be a greater need,” said Arjanen.

The robot’s creator acknowledges someone could chose to ignore the messages, but he says businesses are bracing for the possibility they’ll have to enforce Covid-19 safety measures for years to come and hope to avoid the confrontations seen in recent months.

“If you have a machine tell you to do something it blows my mind that the level of compliance is just skyrocketing,” said Reinharz.

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Additional source — Tennessee Star

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Glenn Williams
Glenn Williams
2 years ago

Is Gov. Mills out of her effing mind. How stupid does she think Mainers are, absurd. Vote ger butt out

2 years ago


2 years ago
Reply to  Angelica

Nope, there is no place to go. we must cinch up our belts and clean these Corporate commie/Fascist out right here, right now. Life will on change for the better once these parasites have been purged.

2 years ago

Oh, well. What can you do – I had an impression that all governors/heads of states are somehow blackmailed into doing what they’re doing. But there are too many of them. And people comply. May be the answer is in these two videos

I don’t like to call any humans “sheep”, but they behave in such way that I could think only about these videos.
Question is – who is the whistler right now?

Bob Glaser
Bob Glaser
2 years ago

Unbelievable. This will continue until the governor is replaced. Pray for America.