Coronavirus Fact-Check #10: Why “New Cases” Are Plummeting

March 10, 2021 Off-Guardian 1

WHO instructed labs around the world to use lower cycle thresholds for PCR tests because the tests gave positive results to almost everyone. As soon as the cycle thresholds were reduced a bit, the number of positives plummeted. Nothing changed except a twist of a dial on the machines. Mystery solved.


How to Create Osteoporosis and Osteopenia – Literally

January 4, 2021 Green Med Info 3

WHO convinced millions of women who have no symptoms that they have a disease that requires pharmaceutical drugs. In this way, a huge and profitable market was created for drugs and x-rays that are not needed and that create illnesses which require even more drugs to mask the side effects.


World Health Organization Changes Definition of ‘Herd Immunity’ so It Can Only Occur with Vaccines

The traditional meaning of “herd immunity,” when a population becomes immune to a virus by being exposed to it, was changed by WHO to include vaccines. But now, WHO has redefined herd immunity again, this time stating that herd immunity can be achieved only by mass vaccination programs – which, of course, is not true.