Why Social Distancing Is Harmful to Children

Attorney Leigh Dundas, Youtube
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Attorney Leigh Dundas reports that the COVID-19 fatality rate for children in the US is so low that the CDC calculates it at 0.0% for anyone under 19 years of age. A global study found that COVID-19 has never been passed by children to adults. According to another study, transmission of the disease from people who are unaware they have it is non-existent. Therefore, social distancing at schools is not justified. Isolation creates depression, lack of sleep, poor cardiovascular function, cognitive decline, and impaired immunity. It also weakens that part of the brain that controls learning. The CIA found that isolation was the ideal way to break down a prisoner and that it had a psychological effect similar to being beaten or starved. This is a must-watch. -GEG

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1 year ago

Social Distancing is bad for everyone. Kids are resilient, they’ll bounce back. Adults and Senior Citizens will have the greatest impact…especially those locked up at resthomes. Very disturbing, wondering if your fmaily member will live through this.