Videos Celebrate Australia’s Quarantine Concentration Camp

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland’s Minister of Trade
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Australian health officials announced their plans to build multiple “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities” where they would be able to house ‘rule-breakers’. The military is assisting policemen as they go door to door to perform Orwellian checkups on people suspected of violating lockdowns. Videos show Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland’s Minister of Trade, and a building company called the Wagner Corporation, promoting Wellcamp, a 1000-bed facility in Toowoomba, near the Wellcamp airport. The goal is to be able to take international travelers straight from the planes and into the camp within three minutes. We reported in November 2020 that the CDC has already planned similar facilities for the US: -GEG

The freedom-crushing restrictions that Australians have been facing have only been getting worse, day by day.

Earlier this month, health officials from down-under announced their plans to build multiple “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities” where they would be able to house rule-breakers who have been ignoring lockdown orders, and keep them from leaving. 

Authorities wont play around or ask nicely either.

Once these facilities are built – If the Australian Health Regime deems you need to be put in time-out, you’re going be taken there by a heavily armed squad of Covid Gestapo.

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