Man Seen Throwing Punches at Louis IX Statue Protest Is Charged with Assault

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St. Louis, Missouri: Terrence Page has been arrested and charged on four counts of misdemeanor assault after he was recorded on video punching several men who were demonstrating in favor of keeping the statue of French King Louis IX, also known as St. Louis. Page admitted to a reporter that he threw the punches and had no regrets because he believes those who support the statue are white supremacists and should be met with force. The prosecuting attorney, Democrat Kim Gardner, was funded by George Soros in his campaign to upend the American justice system, so there is not much hope that Page will be prosecuted.

The St. Louis city treasurer, Tishaura Jones, called the planned prayer rally a KKK event. At one point a 61-year-old Catholic man from St. Louis was jumped by the leftists and knocked to the ground. Protesters are calling for the removal of a statue of St. Louis’ namesake, a French king-turned-saint who burned manuscript copies of Jewish religious texts (the Talmud) during the Middle Ages. Umar Lee, a Muslim political activist and cabbie in St. Louis, is leading the protests against the statue. -GEG

July 14 Update: Police say Page has been charged with four counts of fourth-degree assault in the case.

July 8 Update: News 4 checked for charges against Page or any other individual seen on video during the incident at the statue, but so far, none have been filed.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office has declined requests for interviews, citing the ongoing investigation. Police also declined to answer specific questions about why there were no arrests at this time.

News 4 did hear from the Democratic challenger for St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office seat. Mary Pat Carl told News 4 she thought Kim Gardner was failing to act, by making a statement immediately after the incident.

“I think it’s another example of our Circuit Attorney being willing to grab a headline, but not do the work of the Circuit Attorney’s Office,” Carl said.

She says she would have to look at all the facts before judging this or any other potential crime. But she tells News 4, she’s surprised that Gardner would speak out on the statue incident, but not the recent incidents of gun violence, particularly on children.

“We are facing some tough issues, but I think our priority should be on people afraid to leave their homes, I think they all deserve to be around the table, but what I see is a lack of people talking about our kids getting shot at and our murder rate climbing,” Carl said.

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BREAKING: Violent BLM Member Terrence Page Charged with Assault for Beating Catholic Man at St. Louis Statue



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Jerry Hoekstra
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