Planned Parenthood Officials Admit Illegally Selling Aborted Fetal Tissue

Planned Parenthood officials, CMP
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The Center for Medical Progress released a new video revealing Planned Parenthood officials admitting their business transactions selling fetal tissue from aborted babies, which violates federal law. CMP provided receipts showing that PPH received $55 plus delivery costs per “usable” organ delivered. -GEG

New footage released by the Center for Medical Progress and it’s founder David Daleiden reveals Planned Parenthood officials admitting under oath their involvement in business transactions selling fetal tissue from aborted babies, calling into question whether the nation’s largest abortion provider violated federal law.

Invoices unsealed in April 2020 from Planned Parenthood Mar Monte showed the clinic received $55 per “useable” organ delivered to tissue procurement organization Stem Express, contradicting previous claims by Planned Parenthood officials that the payment was only to cover transportation fees.

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