NY Mayor de Blasio Refuses to Call National Guard After Looting and Cop Beatings

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New York deployed 8,000 police on Monday, and they were overwhelmed. Thousands of looters took the streets after dark and hit places all over the city. Governor Cuomo threatened to take over for de Blasio if the Mayor cannot control the violence and looting, but state troops have not yet been called. Over 700 looters were arrested, but more than 400 were immediately released without bail. [As stated in a previous report, it appears that city and state leaders have ordered police to stand down to encourage as much violence and destruction as possible to eventually justify martial law, which is the end game for ending America as a free nation.] -GEG

What a fool.
On Monday night looters and thugs beat police officers and looted the premier stores in Manhattan including Macy’s Department Store.

On Tuesday New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters he would not bring in the National Guard to protect the people and businesses of New York City.

Mayor de Blasio: We do not need nor do we think it’s wise for the National Guard to be in New York City, nor any armed forces.

Except the armed looters.

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2 years ago

As a victim of police I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry that a few are getting in return what they’ve been dishing out – all with the protection of prosecutors and judges, and let’s not forget their free lawyers. Police assassinated my neighbor’s unarmed son then all claimed “I feared for my life!” They sexually molested my daughter during a traffic stop then after brutalizing her charged HER with a crime to scare her into silence. It worked. I’m disabled and a psychopathic trooper tried to generate revenue by saying I was driving impaired in spite of my handicapped… Read more »