Democrat Activists and Black Lives Matter Push Agenda to Replace Police

Police in Cary, North Carolina. Youtube

Tucker Carlson explains that the demand by Black Lives Matter to defund police across the nation is not a proposal to get rid of police, but to replace them with leftist operatives, giving Democrats control over law enforcement. Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said calling the police and expecting help is a sign of racism and white privilege. Republicans in Washington DC are ignoring the problem because they are afraid to criticize Black Lives Matter. Political leaders and law enforcement have been kneeling at Black Lives Matter events, signaling submission. The mob is demanding ideological conformity, and some people have lost their jobs for speaking out against the riots and chaos. Brian Lieter, a law professor at the University of Chicago, called for an armed coup to overthrow the President of the United States. The protests are not about black lives, but instead encourage theft and mayhem. -GEG

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