Texas Governor Orders Release of Jailed Hair-Salon Owner, Criticizes Judge

Shelley Luther, Youtube
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an order for the immediate release of Shelley Luther, the Dallas hair-salon owner who opened her business without government permission. The governor modified his Covid-19 executive order to “eliminate confinement as a punishment for violating the order.” Judge Eric Moye sentenced Luther to seven days in jail and ordered her to pay $7,000 in fines after she refused to apologize or admit that she was being “selfish”. Jails are releasing criminals to stop the spread of COVID-19, yet citizens who want to work to support their families are thrown into jail.  -GEG

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terry shead
terry shead
9 months ago

They should chuck this idiot out of office, see how he gets on with no currency to live on.

9 months ago

God Bless this wonderful, brave and courageous woman! Brilliant, Shelly!! 😀 May you thrive in every way, Dearheart! 😀

9 months ago

Horror fact: Most judges are ruled by their wives…so that they can continue to screw around with their mistresses. I knew a few Beverly Hill judges who did just that and forgave their wife’s friends’ traffic tickets. That’s the blind Liberty Lady for you.