Still No Deal for the Wall, But Trump Agreed to Reopen the Government for 3 Weeks

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President Trump signed a bill to reopen the government for 3 weeks and says he may shut it down again or might use emergency powers if a deal is not reached on a border wall. Democrat Senator, Chuck Schumer, says, if Trump declares an emergency to build the wall, it will be challenged in court. 800,000 federal employees missed two paychecks during the shutdown but, eventually, will receive back pay so, for them, a shutdown is vacation with pay. -GEG

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2 years ago

This delay in building the wall is giving the evil demonrats time to strategize their next moves. Once in even more control of Congress, the wall that may be started will be put on hold indefinitely by the fake Demonrats who have no concern about the welfare of American citizens…only the agenda of the elite to transform this nation into a Socialist/Communist nation of slaves. God help us and our children. So, President Trump may have the accolades of building the wall but it will be stopped and never finished by the evil doers we vote into office. Do a… Read more »