“So It Was a Hoax?” – Fox News’ John Roberts Caught on Hot Mic Discussing COVID-19

John Roberts, the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News, was recorded on a hot mic in the White House briefing room. He told a technician he could take off his mask, because USC and LA County Health Department released a study that found the mortality rate for COVID-19 is the same as for seasonal flu. The technician concluded; “So, it was a hoax?” During the press briefing that followed, John Roberts asked Dr. Birx about this California study , but she dodged his question completely.

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10 months ago

It’s a Psy-Op as i told from the beginning.
Here is a clip about Psychological Operations (keep an open mind) that is not for the fainted hearts.


SS-The Independent
SS-The Independent
10 months ago

If this really was ” the land of the free and home of the brave “, most of the people were already revolting, after this ‘ revelation ‘…But we are living in ‘ the land of the FEE and home of the SLAVE ‘…” SLAVELANDIA – Gerald Celente

Joseph Burke
Joseph Burke
10 months ago

I have been calling it the Conjob virus for weeks

10 months ago

Yes, Please do a follow-up video on this. Thanks for what you just did. I was hoping it would somehow come out in the open.