Swine-Flu ‘Pandemic’ Was Hyped to Make Billions for Vaccine Industry, World Health Organization, and CDC

Three articles show that billions of dollars were spent worldwide on the H1N1 Swine Flu “epidemic” that was a money-making scheme.

The British medical journal (BMJ) revealed that top scientists who convinced the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare H1N1 a global pandemic held close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines.


Baxter, the US vaccine manufacturer, paid at least numerous huge settlements, some of them for millions of dollars after being accused of fraud amid allegations that it had overpriced medicines by as much as 1,300%.


Drug companies have sold $1.5 billion worth of swine flu shots, in addition to the $1 billion for seasonal flu they booked earlier in 2009. Congress has set aside more than $10 billion to research flu viruses, monitor H1N1’s progress and educate the public about prevention.


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11 months ago

This was *not* a fraud… I got the H1N1 flu in the Seattle region in 2009 and it was horrible. You could barely sleep for all the coughing. It was one of the worst illnesses I’ve had. I got through it using Oil of Oregano, rest, sensible exercise, and other herbal remedies.