Mainstream Media and Hollywood Painted Virginia’s Pro-2nd-Amendment Rally as ‘Extremist’ Despite its Peaceful and Uneventful Nature

Virginia gun rally, Youtube
Mainstream media and Hollywood portrayed pro-Second-Amendment supporters in Richmond, Virginia as potentially violent ‘neo-Nazis’. However, the demonstration of more than 22,000 people, was completely peaceful. Under protest were the new gun-confiscation measures proposed by Governor Ralph Northam, who declared a state of emergency before the event. Prior to the rally, CNN reported that the FBI was working with law enforcement to prepare for violence, but none occurred. [Thank God our fears were unfounded that the Deep State might throw a few mind-controlled zombies into the crowd posing as Nazis or white supremacists to kill some innocent bystanders so the press could go bananas over the alleged need for gun confiscation. It is a relief to be wrong for a change.] -GEG

Talking heads in the media and Hollywood tried to paint the pro-Second Amendment supporters in Richmond, Virginia as racist or potentially violent, creating a much gloomier image than the one that transpired in reality.

Folks walking around the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond with semi-automatic weapons strapped over their shoulders had anti-gun activists up in arms and concerned, but the pro-Second Amendment protest — which was against new anti-gun measures proposed by Governor Ralph Northam — ended up being quite peaceful.

‘Westworld’ actor Jeffrey Wright was similarly bothered by the gun-wielding protesters. He tweeted that the protest was “gun circle jerk” and said it had a “Klan-like rally smell” to it. This is despite the fact that plenty of videos and pictures showed minorities protesting for gun rights too.

Jeffrey Wright


The organizers aren’t at all bothered that a gun circle jerk in Richmond, VA on  has a Klan-rally smell to it? Wonder why. 

Richmond braces for enormous gun-rights rally Monday

State officials are preparing for a volatile mix of weapons, anti-government fervor and out-of-town extremists.

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Michael Coudrey


An attendee at the rally in Richmond Virginia dispels the media smears against rally-goers.

He says the media is mischaracterizing them, & that they are just law abiding citizens who want to advocate for their constitutional rights.

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