How and Why California Became Flooded with Illegal Migrants and Where It Is Going…

'Reconquista' map of Mexico capturing American southwestern states, Wiki
California: Stefan Molnyneux met with former California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly who had been involved in the Minutemen project that monitored illegal immigration at the US-Mexico border. Donnelly says the elite in Mexico have nullified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago of 1846 and now accuse America of stealing the southwest, which they say is really still part of Mexico. Because Mexico could never win a military war against the US, the Mexican elite have supported a silent invasion by immigration. [There is much food for thought in this interview.] -GEG

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This invasion is criminal and must be aggressively addressed. Deport these mooches now.


Those lands were not on sale or under any dispute. They were an integral part of the recently formed “Mexican” state. The AZE (AngloZionist Empire) STOLE them by force using its 3 main weapons: a warmonger army, Masonic infiltration and blatant invasions of anglo people. It’s fair and normal that Mexico still has claims over those lands, although we must recognize that they were culturally transformed way beyond of the original Mexican identity. Even the assimilated Mexicans may prefer the current culture, which is normal, given that is has become the dominant culture of a planetary empire. The most reasonable… Read more »

Trisha Wilk
Trisha Wilk

Fine. Then we must cut them off from American money immediately. Let them survive on their own and be run as Mexico is.

Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas

I have been saying that they are NOT illegals for some years. They are INVADERS. It is true that the S.W. is being taken back for mexico w/o one military action taken by the nation of mexico. GEG you are right on the mark w/ this.

How and Why California Became Flooded with Illegal Migrants and Where It Is Going… | WeAreChangeTV.US

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