Belgian Court Could Release Marc Dutroux, the ‘Monster of Belgium,’ Who Was Convicted of Raping 11 Underage Girls and Killing 4 of Them. He Claims to Be Part of an Elite Pedophilia Network.

1996 protest against Belgian government, Youtube
Belgium’s sentencing court ordered a new psychiatric report on Marc Dutroux, a convicted child rapist and killer, in order to determine whether he should be released early from prison, which could become a reality in 2021. Experts will determine whether Dutroux is likely to re-offend, and will examine the impact of his detention in solitary confinement over the past 23 years. He was convicted of raping five girls in 1989 and spent three years in prison. He was later convicted of abducting and raping six more girls in 1995-1996. Four of the kidnapped girls died horrific deaths while in his custody. In 1996, as many as 400,000 outraged citizens filled the street to protest against the mishandling of the case by law enforcement and the judiciary, revealing widespread distrust in the country’s institutions that threatened the establishment. Dutroux contends that he is part of a criminal network that includes high-level pedophiles.

Summary by JW WIlliams

Marc Dutroux has been imprisoned since 1996 for kidnapping, child rape and murder. 

Outrage over incompetence by law enforcement led to as many as 400,000 people marching in the streets against government corruption in 1996.  Workers across the country went on strike.  Many believe that police incompetence and cover-ups were used to protect high-level pedophiles.  Records show that at least 20 witnesses and others connected to the crimes have died under very suspicious circumstances.

In 1989, Dutroux and his wife, Michelle Martin, were convicted of raping five girls.  Dutroux was sentenced to 13 years in prison, but was released after serving only 3 years.  

In June of 1995, two 8-year old girls, Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, were kidnapped and held in the dungeon that Dutroux had constructed.  Dutroux raped both girls repeatedly and made pornographic videos of the abuse. 

In August of 1995, two months after the 8-year old girls were abducted, two young women, An Marchal, 17, and Eefje Lambrecks, 19, were abducted while leaving a night club during their holiday.  Marchal’s father said police initially refused to search for the young ladies.

Dutroux admitted to killing his associate, Bernard Weinstein, who was drugged, tortured and buried alive in 1995.

In December of 1995, Dutroux was arrested over a stolen truck, and, while he served a 4-month prison sentence, his 8-year old captives died miserable deaths due to thirst and starvation.  His wife reportedly said that she was too scared to go to the cellar and take care of the young girls.  The older teens, An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks, were later discovered to have been drugged and buried alive.

In 1996, Sabine Dardenne, 12, was abducted while riding her bike to school. She was chained to a bed by a collar around her neck and repeatedly raped. Months later, Laetitia Delhez, 14, was abducted snatched off the street while walking home from swimming.  Both girls were rescued.

Dutroux confessed to holding and raping all six girls.

Dutroux was diagnosed as a psychopath. He is the father of five children, three of them with his second wife and accomplice, Michelle Martin.  He was an unemployed electrician who received welfare benefits, yet he owned seven houses.  He built several dungeons in the cellars of the homes where he kept the abducted girls.

According to reports, police could have arrested Marc Dutroux long before they did, as he was named as a suspect in the young missing girls’ files, but police failed to act, and four girls died. The police are also accused of bungling an investigation in 1995, when they put him under surveillance, but the police camera was turned off at night, between 6 pm and 8 am, and Dutroux kidnapped the older pair of girls at night.  In addition, during a police search of one of Dutroux’s properties, a locksmith reported that he heard children’s voices, but he was ignored by the police officer.

Law enforcement asserts that Dutroux acted alone.


From EuroNews:

On Sunday, 20 October, 400 Belgians met in the streets of Brussels on what they called the Black March – to protest against the potential early release from prison of paedophile and child killer Marc Dutroux.

Today, Monday, 28 October, Belgium’s sentencing court ordered a new psychiatric report on Dutroux that could see this become a reality in 2021.

UK Independent:

By Elizabeth Leavos:


This video reveals the witnesses and others connected with the case who died under very suspicious circumstances:

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Belgian Court Could Release Marc Dutroux, the ‘Monster of Belgium,’ Who Was Convicted of Raping 11 Underage Girls and Killing 4 of Them. He Claims to Be Part of an Elite Pedophilia Network. | WeAreChangeTV.US

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“And righteousness stands afar off;
For truth is fallen in the street,
And equity cannot enter.” (Isaiah 59:14) Come quickly, Lord, and serve justice to all who harm children.

abinico warez
abinico warez

So how many people do you have to kill before you get some real time, like 50 years, behind bars?

Ewald Oder
Ewald Oder

I’d like to say that I can’t believe this is about to happen, but then again, I know how this stuff works.
Patterns are emerging, for those who study it it is even crystal clear, the Demmink affair, Zandvoort-CD-ROM scandal, the Franklin Scandal, Epstein, Savile, the Westminster case, Berlusconi’s satanic Bunga-Bunga parties, the Clinton’s with individuals like Laura Sylsby and the Pizzagate thing as a whole and recently were even the files regarding the CIA Finders released – history repeats itself.
For a dubbed instead of subbed version of ‘Dutroux and the Dead Witnesses’ follow the link: