A Former Lithuanian Judge Blew the Whistle on High-level Pedophiles in Government and Now Faces Extradition from the US Back to Lithuania Where She Says She will Be Killed for Exposing Pedophilia

September 8, 2018 NBC Chicago 0

Chicago: A former Lithuanian lawmaker and judge, Neringa Venckiene, is behind bars after a US judge refused to halt her extradition to her homeland where she faces charges stemming from her claims about the existence of a ring of influential pedophiles. Venckiene says she will be killed if sent back to Lithuania.


Finland Court Rules Sex with a 10-Year Old Girl Is Not Rape

May 7, 2018 RT 0

Finland’s Supreme Court upheld the three-year prison term sentence for the rape of a ten-year old girl by a 23-year old asylum seeker, Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin, whose country of origin was withheld. The man had sexual intercourse with the girl in the yard of a deserted apartment block. The court didn’t recognize the incident as rape, saying the girl wasn’t forced into the sexual act or overcome by fear. The judges ordered the man to pay the child $3,600.


‘And the Oscar for the Biggest Pedophile Goes to…’

March 2, 2018 Breitbart 0

Street artist, Sabo, placed three large billboards in Hollywood that called out Hollywood stars who kept silent about sexual exploitation in the industry. The billboard captions read: “And the Oscar for the Biggest Pedophile Goes To…,” “We All Knew, and Still No Arrests” and “Name Names on Stage Or Shut the Hell Up.” The messages were removed from the signs late Wednesday morning after they were discovered and made national news.


Short Course on the Secret Bohemian Grove

February 2, 2018 Jake Morphonios 1

Jake Morphonios used a drone to obtain footage of the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove retreat in the California Redwoods for men-only who are in high-level positions in politics and industry. He reports that the men engage in drunkenness and orgies with each other and with male prostitutes during the annual retreat, and there is speculation that there also is pedophilia and ritual killing. Limo drivers told Morphonios there are paramilitary snipers who guard the Grove, and security guards have severely beaten protesters. The annual Cremation-of-Care ceremony is a ritual that symbolizes killing one’s conscience.


Investigation of Sex Abuse at Michigan State University Leads to Discovery That, Among American Elitists, Pedophilia Is Systemic

February 1, 2018 Paul Romano 0

The gymnastics pedophile scandal at Michigan State University is similar to the Jerry Sandusky pedophile scandal at Penn State, as the systemic problem in schools is covered up and protected by the institutions. This report makes the case that the sordid history of sex abuse and cover up by top officials in sports, entertainment, and politics are not merely occasional events involving a small number of people, but now are systemic among the elite class in many walks of life. Those who seek influence over national and international leaders operate pedophilia rings in high places mainly as recruiting pools from which to select new leaders who can be blackmailed into obedience.


Weird Link Between Las Vegas Shooter and Bohemian Grove

January 25, 2018 GEG 0

Law enforcement recovered hundreds of photos of child pornography from the computer of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter. Several prostitutes who knew Paddock reported the violent nature of his sexual deviancy. Investigative reporter, Jake Morphonios, speculates that the FBI knew of Paddock’s sexual issues and may have extorted him to work for the agency in return for not being sent to prison. The Paddock brothers own two homes in northern California that are very close to the edge of Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre wooded area used for secret meetings and occult rituals.


UK: Parliament Computers Used 160 Times Per Day to Access Blocked Pornography Sites

January 9, 2018 The Guardian 0

Between June and October, 2017, there were 24,000 attempts to access pornography on the House of Parliament’s computer network, which is used by MPs, Peers, and staff. This averages to 160 attempts each day. Blocked websites could include pornography, dating services, games, and entertainment. Officials say that most of these access attempts are not intentional but, rather, the result of malware that responds to keyword searches for other types of information.