Elizabeth Warren Has Embraced AOC’s Immigration Plan for Open Borders and Full Welfare Benefits for Illegal Immigrants

Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who has already voiced support for open borders in the US, now endorses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ proposal to provide welfare for illegal immigrants, including free healthcare, nation-wide rent control, unemployment benefits, and food stamps. Even Bernie Sanders recognized that government cannot support open borders while also providing generous welfare schemes for immigrants. -GEG

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No one has done a proper study for a novel, never-seen-before virus, and it will never be attempted because it would destroy the theory that one virus is causing a pandemic. A few people at the top know the truth, but the cult operates on blind faith.

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Elizabeth Warren Has Embraced AOC’s Immigration Plan for Open Borders and Full Welfare Benefits for Illegal Immigrants | WeAreChangeTV.US
9 months ago

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Paul Knapp
Paul Knapp
9 months ago

A recipe for financial disaster.

abinico warez
abinico warez
9 months ago

Of course Warren embraces open borders – she is a diehard capitalist in favor of crashing wage levels of working Americans by flooding the job market with cheap labor.