Trump to FBI Director James Comey: “You’re fired!”

There are many apparent and some speculative reasons for the dismissal, but the unspoken question has been: What took Trump so long to do this? –GEG

Read Trump’s Letter Here…


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3 years ago

Great article – BUT the question about ‘taking too long’ is WRONG. A procedure must be followed to fire an acting Director; the Asst AG has to investigate and write an analysis of the issues. This goes to the AG and if warranted is sent to the President with recommendation. This was done; Asst AG Rosenthal presented analysis to AG Sessions who passed this on to Trump who in turn fired Comey immediately. Reason for timing: Congress only affirmed Asst AG Rosenthal TWO WEEKS ago. His analysis was written speedily once in office. I wish you would correct this inappropriate… Read more »

3 years ago

An investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia should have been completed by now. Trump defaulted on so many loans to US banks that they wouldn’t lend to him any more. Then he defaulted on a loan to a German bank, which ruled out loans from most European banks. Enter the Russians. Trump Jr. said that the Trump organization had cash “pouring in” from Russia. The head of the US Russia Chamber Of Commerce said that in 2016, Trump was in debt to Russians to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Who in Russia would have that kind of… Read more »