Shock photos Show that Agenda 21 Affordable Housing Is Soviet Style Mass Housing for the Serfs

Stack 'em and pack 'em Soviet-style housing, Youtube
Activist Gary Gileno reveals that 95% of land in America is undeveloped, yet there is a housing shortage that is due to the government blocking building on it, creating artificial scarcity. Due to limited space, vertical hi-rise units are being built instead of expanding outward. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is hard communism that mandates Soviet-style buildings in order to combat climate change, which is a hoax. The dismal mass-produced Soviet structures were a failure and are beginning to be torn down in Moscow.

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Doran Zeigler
Doran Zeigler

What a load of crap! To compare US housing to Russia’s is a continuing attempt to sully Russia and link our government to some stupid secret communist plot. The US had high-rises LONG before Russia became communist. Yes, there is a plan to globalize, but let’s be truthful here and leave out the disingenuous comparisons and right-wing propaganda. Capitalism, like Russia’s state run capitalism exploits the needy. It is capitalism and not communism which is causing worldwide problems. We even have an extreme capitalist prick in office who built his career on building high-rises, but not for the needy serfs.… Read more »

MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst

Somehow you [Doran Zeigler] missed the point of the vlogger. His complaining was not that the USA was being communist, rotfl… his point was that the U.N. [got it yet?] is a bunch of socialistic foreign leadership [the polite word for communist] and that was why the globalization was taking the direction that was reminiscent of other socialistic culture-engineering episodes, and the building designs were the standard stack-n-pack, NOT HIGH RISES… i don’t know how to explain it any clearer because your diatribe didn’t get the idea before launching your attack. ttyl

MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst

omg, save us from this VLOGGER WHO FAILS TO RESEARCH THE SUSTAINABILITY FACTS OF ENGINEERING, WHO FAILS TO RESEARCH THE RESULTS OF AMERICAN COMMUNITY EXPERIMENTING, AND WHO SLIPS SMEARS IN AGAINST THE PRESIDENT FOR HIS ONE MOVE TO OFFER SOMETHING TO CONSERVATIONISTS TO CELEBRATE [sort of]…… just pandering fear and hatred instead of HONORING AMERICAN SOLUTIONS 1– the political-smear showed [in the extreme fine print] that Trump was referring to about ONE MILLION ACRES… while the voice over panders the nonsense that this is a significant reduction in potential housing land… WHILE IGNORING THAT ONE MILLION ACRES IS A PITTANCE… Read more »