UK: Parents Gender Transition Son, 7, and Foster Son, a 3-Year Old Toddler, to Female

Desmond, a trans child in the US, Youtube
A couple have transitioned their eldest son, 7, into a female by changing the child’s legal status to that of a girl, including ordering a new passport matching the child’s new identity. A British judge approved the transition of the 3-year old foster child, a biological boy. It was discovered that a third child fostered by the couple had also experienced “gender issues” while staying with them.
Authorities are allowing the transgender lobby to wield influence over policy by erasing a paper from Brown University in the US that suggested that clusters of children suffering similar gender identity issues was due to societal pressures and social media.

A British judge has given his approval to the foster parents of a transgender child who “transitioned” to their new gender at just three-years-old.

The two parents, named only as TP and CP, already had a seven-year-old biological child who had changed their gender from boy to girl just months earlier.

The parents said they had supported their seven-year-old child’s transition, going as far as to change their legal status to that of a girl, including ordering a new passport matching the child’s new identity.

When the three-year-old turned four and was sent to school, he was sent in wearing a girl’s uniform despite the school “expressly asking” the parents to stop him doing so.

The investigation came after concerns arose that the parents were “actively encouraging” the children to change genders and had “manipulated” them.

It was later found that a third child fostered by the couple had also experienced “gender issues” while staying with them.

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Child abuse.

Satan is now in charge.