Democrat Congresswomen Blame US, Instead of Parents, for Children’s Deaths At Border
Freshman Representatives Lauren Underwood (D-IL) accused US Border Patrol of intentionally killing migrant children at the border when five children were reported to have died after their parents required them to travel on foot through a desert for several weeks. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) accused the US of committing atrocities at the border after a sixth child died following surgery (paid for by US taxpayers) for a congenital heart defect. -GEG

Liberal Democrat Lauren Underwood represents Illinois’ 14th district in the US Congress.

Democrats called her the “Naperville nurse running for Congress.”

She even has campaign flyers of herself helping patients as a nurse.
Yet, Lauren NEVER practiced a day of nursing in her life!

Lauren ran as a moderate in a conservative district.
In reality she is an unhinged leftist.

On Wednesday Rep. Underwood accused US Border Guards of intentionally killing illegal alien children.Rep. Lauren Underwood: At this point with five kids that have died, five thousand separated from their families, I feel like and the evidence is really clear that is intentional. It’s intentional. It’s a policy choice.

Every one of these children died because their parents dragged them through a cartel infested desert for several weeks.

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MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst

What exactly does it mean to have a ‘state of emergency’ declared anyway? Meanwhile the goof running HHS can’t do anything smarter than GOING TO A *DEMOCRAT* HOUSE WITH HIS HAT IN HIS HAND ASKING FOR MONEY? If this were a sane management IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY, wouldn’t the goof be smart enough to sweep nice big armloads of money from democrat-waste projects and USE IT TO DRIVE EXISTING FEDERAL TRAILERS TO FORM HOUSING VILLAGES AT BORDER POINTS AND TAKE CONTROL OF THE ARRIVALS.. SIMULTANEOUSLY INSTALL MORE ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGES TO HANDLE THE LOAD OF DECLINED MIGRANTS TO SHIP THEM… Read more »


Underwood and Omar should be deported to a place that will accept anti-government anti-decency and insensitive people. This makes Americans insist upon the wall be built from coast to coast to stop this insane invasion at our border. There is no evidence that the Central American countries are abusing their citizens as is the case with Venezuela which has been in the news for a very long time. BUILD THE WALL, MR. PRESIDENT, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. THE DEMS ARE NOT CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY BUT RATHER ARE INTENT ON OUSTING YOU FROM OFFICE. WE ARE DISGUSTED WITH… Read more »

Democrat Congresswomen Blame US, Instead of Parents, for Children’s Deaths At Border – PEI TRUTH in POLITICS and MORE

[…] Democrat Congresswomen Blame US, Instead of Parents, for Children’s Deaths At Border […]