Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Other Leftists Call for Felons in Prison to Be Given the Vote

Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, Youtube
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The left, seeking power at any cost, is campaigning to give felons in prison the vote and the power to choose our future leaders. The voting intentions of felons and violent offenders could cause negative changes in policy.

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Bill Goode
Bill Goode
3 years ago

Prisoners should be allowed the right to vote. We must keep in mind that rights are not given to us by the US Constitution or by the legislature or by any other government entity. Yes, criminals do give up certain rights while prisoners, but the only rights they surrender are such rights that keeps them confined, such as the right to travel and to bear arms. Nevertheless, they are still human beings. The only rights that should be denied to criminals are those rights which would violate their incarceration, such as right to travel and to bear arms. Criminals generally… Read more »