Seattle Is Dying: A Documentary About the Causes and Solutions for Homelessness

Homeless man in Seattle, Youtube

su_note note_color=”#efe1a7″ text_color=”#00000″ radius=”5”]KOMO News made this documentary that explores Seattle’s leftist policies, disguised as compassion, that encourage homelessness and drug addiction. In the last five years, a culture shift began with legislature decriminalizing felonies and dumping convicts onto the streets. Police have been blocked from enforcing the law and when they make arrests, the judicial system releases the criminals within days. Shoplifting is rarely prosecuted and crime has exploded, the city is overrun with rats, garbage, human feces and needles. Seattle spends over a billion dollars a year on homelessness programs, but the real problem is not lack of housing, but drug addiction. Seattle lacks the political will to overcome the problem. Rhode Island is creating a model for success in ending homelessness and drug addiction through enforcing the law and an innovative drug intervention program.[/su_note]

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Hard to feel sorry for Seattle, when you keep electing the same liberal democrats. You reap what you sow. Seattle used to be a beautiful city, good luck cleaning it up. Vote smart next election

Bill Goode
Bill Goode

Per the chart in this video, San Francisco is even worse. I’m sure cities like Los Angeles and Portland are not improving.

Seattle Is Dying: A Documentary About the Causes and Solutions for Homelessness | WeAreChangeTV.US

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