Federal Judge Rules Male-Only Military Draft Is Unconstitutional

Texas: US District Judge Gray Miller, a George W. Bush appointee, ruled in favor of a men’s rights group, declaring that the male-only military draft is unconstitutional.  In 1981, the Supreme Court ruled that the all-male draft was “fully justified” because women could not fulfill combat roles, however, Judge Miller said that the discrimination may have been justified in the past, but men and women are now equally able to fight.

Draft our daughters.

A federal judge in Texas ruled late Friday that the male-only military draft is unconstitutional, declaring that “the time has passed” for a debate whether women belong in combat.

US District Judge Gray Miller, a George W. Bush appointee, dealt a huge blow to the current Selective Service System since the SCOTUS upheld the draft in a 1981 ruling.

In Rostker v. Goldberg, the Supreme Court ruled that the all-male draft was “fully justified” because women could not fulfill combat roles.

USA Today reported:

U.S. District Judge Gray Miller ruled late Friday that while historical restrictions on women serving in combat “may have justified past discrimination,” men and women are now equally able to fight. In 2015, the Pentagon lifted all restrictions for women in military service.

The case was brought by the National Coalition For Men, a men’s rights group, and two men who argued the all-male draft was unfair.

Men who fail to register with the Selective Service System at their 18th birthday can be denied public benefits such as federal employment and student loans. Women cannot register for Selective Service.

The ruling comes as an 11-member commission is studying the future of the draft, including whether women should be included or whether there should continue to be draft registration at all.

The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service released an interim report last month giving no hints on where it would come down on those questions. But, commission chairman Joe Heck told USA TODAY, “I don’t think we will remain with the status quo.”

The lawyer representing the two men who brought the lawsuit said, “Either they need to get rid of the draft registration, or they need to require women to do the same thing that men do.”

Gray Miller’s ruling was a declaration, not an injunction which means the court did not specifically say how the government should change the Selective Service System, USA Today reported.

The left has been pushing to put women in all-male combat units for years.

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Robert H. Burt
Robert H. Burt
1 year ago

When I try to imagine George Washington crossing the Delaware river with an army made up largely of female humans, I am reminded that males and females are really not identical in every possible way, and that the idea that they are equal, or even equivalent, is an ideological fashion, not an absolute fact consistent with what we know about life, the world, biology, and nature. The ability of women –even strong, masculine sorts of women– to function as trained soldiers in actual combat with trained male soldiers has been shown several times not only in ancient history but also… Read more »

Tony B.
Tony B.
1 year ago

Women still can’t fill those roles. And one hell of a lot of other male roles which they are allowed into now by our insane communist/talumdist/satanic government.

1 year ago

Has every judge gone luney???? The DRAFT it’s self is unconstitutional!!!!

1 year ago

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