Trump Tweeted He Wants 5G and 6G in America As Soon As Possible!

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Last week, Trump tweeted that he wants 5G and even 6G technology in the US as soon as possible, claiming that the US must always be the leader, especially in technology.  People will be exposed in their homes to 5G, which utilizes millimeter wave technology that causes cancer. China is the model for technological tyranny and is using technology and applying punishments designed to modify behavior.  5G brings automation, which will force tens of millions of Americans out of their jobs.  Commentator Gary Gileno says Trump was installed to pacify the right, but he is bringing in harmful technology.  While the Democrats and the courts have blocked Trump’s every move, they are allowing Trump’s roll out of 5G as both parties want absolute control over the people.

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Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
3 years ago

This is the sort of issue that the president’s supporters need to contact him about. Whether or not he is simply ignorant on the dangers of 5 G or doing this deliberately, everyone needs to ask him to learn more about it. He is concerned about competition, but when the Russian and Chinese people are dropping dead from 5G, their leaders will stop using it. U.S. leaders take a lot longer to re-think their technology that is killing their people, as shown by fluoridation, vaccinations, GMO’s, and geo-engineering.