Tucker Carlson Calls for President Trump to Support His Supporters and Use His Constitutional Powers to Protect Their Freedom of Speech

Tucker Carlson examines the massive suppression of free speech that has developed during the Trump administration.  He asks viewers if they feel more free now than when they voted for Trump two years ago.  He chronicles the many assaults against free speech for conservatives – and they are shocking when considered all together. Beliefs conventionally described as conservative just five years ago now are described as ‘terrorism.’ Meanwhile, actual terror by the left goes unpunished, and Carlson give an equally shocking sampling of those occurrences as well. Carlson concludes that it is the duty of the government to uphold the rights of all citizens and that Trump needs to do more than just talk about such things and use his constitutional authority to start doing it. [Note that Carlson is talking about constitutional measures based on existing laws, not the declaration of martial law, which some so-called conservatives now are advocating.] -GEG

Tucker Carlson asked Trump voters Wednesday to assess whether or not they feel more confident to express their beliefs since the president was elected.

Carlson said that whether or not President Trump is able to build a wall or effect infrastructure legislation, how the president handles the attempted suppression of free speech may be more important.

He said that conventionally conservative beliefs in the years leading up to Trump’s election are now described as “terrorism,” while actual terror by the left seems to go unnoticed.

Among other examples, he noted a former community college professor who in 2017 allegedly hit Trump supporters with a bike lock during a “free the speech” rally.

Charges were dropped against the professor, Eric Clanton, although he was initially charged with a felony.

Carlson then asked viewers to imagine how former President Barack Obama would have responded if similar incidents happened to his voters while he was in office.

“You think Obama would have done something about that? Hell yes. … You would never get away with threatening an Obama voter for supporting Obama,” he said.

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Tucker Carlson Calls for President Trump to Support His Supporters and Use His Constitutional Powers to Protect Their Freedom of Speech | WeAreChangeTV.US

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There is no such a thing as freedom of speech in America, is disgusting to have to seat and listen to all the crap that people with no values and principles are saying about President Trump Is a total violation of our principles. I just enrolled into a community college and I have to do some essays related to the inequality in this country, I totally understand that I have to follow rules, but no one can poison my mind to change my viewpoints, not even my professor is going to have any influence in my life. I love and… Read more »