Trump Haters Threaten Violence against a Little Girl Who Idolizes Trump

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Trump Haters are savaging a little girl over a video of her ecstatic reaction to being told she would be going to a Trump rally. The nearly two-year-old video is being passed around on Twitter by a swarm of vulgar and violent Trump haters who have expanded their hate to the little girl herself. One says: “I will punch that little girl in tha face.” Another says: “I’ll run over this bitch with a car”. And another: “Put me within 5 feet of this girl for one minute I promise you she won’t be a Donald trump lover anymore.” [YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter claim they are censoring Internet comments in order to stop hate speech but they have totally ignored this genuine hate speech and allowed it to go viral on the Internet. Furthermore, there must be scores of laws on the books against personal threats and inciting violence that could and should be enforced by the government itself. The fact that there is no action from any quarter to restrict criminality from the Left tells us all we need to know about the loyalties of those in charge.] -GEG

Liberals are savaging a then 9-year-old girl over a video of her ecstatic reaction to her mother telling her she would be going to a Donald Trump rally. The nearly two-year-old video is being passed around on Twitter this week by hateful liberals cruelly mocking the girl with tweets that are garnering tens of thousand of likes and retweets, with one getting well over 100,000 likes. Several of the comments threaten violence against the child.

This tweet by 18-year-old Internet personality Nazanin Kavari‏ posted Monday evening has nearly 120,000 likes and over 60,000 retweets as of Tuesday afternoon–in less than 24 hours. The comment over the video says, “This the ugliest shit I’ve ever seen” The video tweet she is commenting on says, “this is singlehandedly the whitest, most unseasoned thing i’ve ever watched.” That tweet has nearly 27,000 likes and over 11,000 retweets.

The video is sourced to the Twitter account of @kekreddington, which has been dormant since September 1.

The Washington Post reported about the girl, Ava Lovley and her mother Kim from Newport, Maine and the video back when it first went viral in January of 2016.

“Kim arranged for the family to see Trump at an event in Farmington, N.H., about three miles from Newport, just over the state line. “When I put [the video] on Facebook, basically it was just for our friends and family to see how happy she was,” Kim said. “It wasn’t for any political agenda.” When a friend helped her upload the video to YouTube, though, it blew up. Kim and her husband Jason had been fielding phone calls from members of the media all day.

The video shows a 9-year-old blonde white girl in a pink jacket reacting to her mother telling her she is going to see Donald Trump on Monday in New Hampshire. The girl gets very excited and cries tears of joy.

One poster called the girl “nazi youth.”

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