Syria: 16 People Killed, Including Four Americans, in Suicide Bomb Attack as Trump Prepares to Remove Troops

Senator Rand Paul, Youtube
Manbij, Syria: Two US soldiers and two American contractors were killed in a suicide bomb attack on Wednesday. ISIS claimed responsibility. The attack occurred just as President Trump announced plans to pull US troops out of Syria. Since the predictable reaction to this attack was pressure to cancel the announced troop withdrawal, the motive behind the attack and its timing is not in doubt.

On cue, Fox newscaster, Brian Kilmeade, a pro-war neocon, argues for US troops to remain in Syria to ‘stop the next 9/11 attack’. Meanwhile, Senator Rand Paul points out that 99% of ISIS has been eradicated and that Syria should be able to finish the job. He says the US has been in Afghanistan for 17 years, and Islam needs to police Islam. -GEG

Senator Rand Paul appeared Thursday morning on Fox and Friends to discuss his meeting with President Trump on pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan.

Brian Kilmeade, who criticized Paul yesterday on Twitter for supporting pulling out of Syria, similarly sparred with him today, saying the reason to stay in Syria is to “stop the next 9/11 attack.”

“When we had the 9/10 policy of Bill Clinton of not letting al Qaeda metastasize in Afghanistan, they end up taking, killing thousands of people here in New York City,” Kilmeade said.

“When we had the Barack Obama policy of pulling out of Iraq prematurely we get ISIS it almost lose the entire region.”

Rand responded: “We’ve been in Afghanistan for 17 years. So people like yourself saying, oh it’s precipitous we’re going to leave Afghanistan… We’ve been there 17 years! You will say the same thing in 17 more years, say oh it’s too soon to leave in a thousand years you could say that. These people are going to be killing each other in a thousand years.”

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