ObamaCare Premiums Have Risen More Than 100% Over The Past Four Years

A federal report has revealed that ObamaCare’s premiums more than doubled over the past four years. They rose by an average of 105% in 2017.  They tripled in Alaska, Alabama, and Oklahoma. The lowest increase, 12%, was in New Jersey.  Rand Paul says the Republican plan is no better.  He added that insurance companies make $15 billion a year, and the government should stop subsidizing them with our tax dollars. -GEG

A recent federal report found that ObamaCare’s insurance regulations contributed to premiums more than doubling over the past four years.

Average exchange premiums were 105 percent higher in the 39 states using Healthcare.gov in 2017 than average individual market premiums in 2013 ($5,712 compared to $2,784), according to findings assembled by the Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation.

Premiums tripled in Alaska, Alabama and Oklahoma, and the lowest premium increase, 12 percent, was in New Jersey.

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