Cuba: Fidel Castro’s Grandson Enjoys a Lavish Lifestyle While His Countrymen Struggle on $30 Per Month

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Tony Castro Ulloa, a fashion model in Cuba, who is the grandson of former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, posted photos of his opulent lifestyle on Instagram showing him enjoying frequent trips around the world, driving luxury cars, sailing on yachts, and dining at expensive restaurants. The images sparked outrage among Cubans who have suffered five decades of poverty under communist rule. Cubans are impoverished and must live on $30 per month and rationed food. Meanwhile, colleges in the US are teaching the that communist revolutions serve the people. -GEG

Tony Castro Ulloa, the grandson of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, recently posted photos of his private life on a private Instagram account showing frequent trips around the world, driving luxury cars, sailing on superyachts, and dining at expensive restaurants.

The photos, posted several months ago, have sparked outrage on social media after Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald published them.

The decadent lifestyle of Tony Castro is not sitting well with many Cubans on the island or exiled in South Florida, who say most Cubans live on an average salary of $30 a month and rationed food.

‚ÄúAll the animals are equal, but some are¬†more equal¬†than others,‚ÄĚ Pedro P√©rez wrote on his Facebook page,¬†the Miami Herald¬†reported.¬†¬†The quote is from¬†George Orwell‚Äôs ‚ÄúAnimal Farm,” which is banned in Cuba.

Castro family members barely show their faces in public, except Antonio Castro and now his son Tony.

Antonio is an orthopedic surgeon, and his son is a model, which has led some people on social media to think the lavish pictures are from photo shoots.

In 2015, Antonio was photographed near a Greek resort island of Mykonos, aboard a superyacht in Bodrum, Turkey, where he rented five luxury suites in one of the most expensive hotels, according to media reports.

The Miami Herald said Tony is a big traveler. His photos on Instagram show him in Mexico, Spain, Panama, and various places in Cuba. His girlfriend accompanied him on the trips.

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