Israel Bombed Syria on Christmas After US Began Removing Troops Out of the Area

Israeli airstrike near Damascus, Yutube
Russia accused Israel of violating Syria’s sovereignty and threatening two civilian flights near the airport when Israeli launched air raids in Damascus. It appears that Israel was applying the same strategy it used in September when it tricked Syria into accidentally firing on its own allies.
Israel’s F-16 planes were launched out of Lebanon. Israel says its F-16 fighters jets were targeting Iranian forces inside Syria and that they flew near the airport only to protect themselves from anti-aircraft fire. As the US withdraws its troops, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is warning that Israeli attacks will intensify to prevent Iran from expanding its influence in the area. Turkish forces are moving toward the Syrian border where the US-backed Kurds are in control. [Pity the people living in these areas while foreign powers play chess-games of war over their heads and in their streets.] -GEG

Following reports that Israel is plotting a full-scale offensive in Syria (after years of carrying out airstrikes on Iranian or Iranian-affiliated targets south of Damascus), Russia on Wednesday accused the Jewish state of endangering the lives of civilians during a Christmas Day bombing raid carried out by Israeli F-16s flying out of Lebanon.

According to Al Jazeera, Russia accused the Israelis of violating Israeli sovereignty and threatening two civilian flights landing at a nearby airport in Damascus during attacks on targets allegedly affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Damascus countryside.

“We are very concerned by the attacks and how they were made. This is a gross violation of the sovereignty of Syria,” the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The provocative actions of the Israeli air force…directly threatened two airliners,” Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

Syrian state media claimed it intercepted most of the Israeli missiles. Israeli, for what it’s worth, has denied that it planned an attack, saying that its fighter jets were merely protecting themselves from anti-aircraft gun fire.

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