Jake Morphonios Explains Why CIA Is Backing the Kurds in Syria

Kurds, Wiki
Jake Morphonios explains what’s behind the current conflict between Kurds and Turkey. This is complex and involves numerous strategic zigzags, but stick with Jake on this and you will be rewarded with a clear understanding of what’s going on in Syria and what to expect in the future. –GEG

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paul scott
paul scott

There is something very wrong with Morphonious. His record of self aggrandising , his pretend contacts and secrets from High State sources make him entirely untrustworthy.
The idea of a butcher shop of organs defies the reality of the strict surgical and hygeine required for that highly advanced medical work.

Gina Simpson
Gina Simpson

Paul, if you spent less time engaging in ad hominems and more time doing simple Google searches, you’d find tons of links that confirm the butcher shops. Morphonios is one of the best investigative journalists out there these days. I’ve watched him for years. Yes, he pisses people off by taking firm stands and refusal to go along with whatever pop theory of the day is, but that’s because he has the verifiable facts to prove his positions – unlike other people whose opinions are shaped by whichever way the YouTube winds are blowing that particular day.