Filmmaker Joins Caravan of Migrants, Exposes Mainstream Media Lies.  First Wave of Caravans Hits the US Border at San Diego.

Tijuana, Mexico: The first wave of migrants, about 500 men, arrived at the US border at San Diego, and many climbed the border fence and taunted Border Patrol officers.  A few days earlier a group of about 85 migrants from the LGBTQ+ community arrived in Tijuana accompanied by US lawyers who were paying their expenses.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to Oaxaca, Mexico and reported that more than 90% of the caravan migrants are men seeking jobs and welfare, despite mainstream media lies that the caravans are filled with women and children who are trying to escape extreme violence in their countries.  The journey is costing million of dollars in food, water, transportation, medicine and services, and the Mexican police are shown escorting the migrants and supply trucks.  Pueblos Sin Fronteras is working to erase borders and US sovereignty and is hostile toward the US.  The United Nations is also assisting the migrants.  Horowitz concludes that migrants are being used by leftist organizations to weaken American sovereignty and border security.

The first waves of caravan migrants, totaling nearly 500, mostly men, reached the U.S. border at San Diego this week. One group of about 350-400 arrived Tuesday with many of them climbing a tall border fence in an act of defiance as Border Patrol agents watched from a distance. Two migrants were filmed jumping over the fence, located at the Playas De Tijuana and San Diego border, taunting Border Patrol officers assembled at a watchful distance before climbing back up the fence to the Mexican side.

A few days earlier a group of about 85 migrants arrived in Tijuana accompanied by U.S. lawyers who were paying their expenses.

KGTV-TV reported:

“The first group of people from the migrant caravan have arrived in Tijuana, according to a Mexican journalist.

“According to journalist Jorge Nieto, the group has 85 people. This group is reportedly people of the LGBTQ+ community and they left the others behind because they felt they were being discriminated against.

“They arrived at the Tijuana bus station, then took buses to an Airbnb in Playas de Tijuana, paid for by US lawyers with the caravan.

“Once at the house, neighbors clashed with the migrants, “Yelling at them go away go to a shelter, this is not your place, all you came here this is a safe area and we are afraid of you,” Nieto said shelters aren’t an option as they are already over capacity from the last caravan.”

That claim was contradicted by a later report that there is room for 900 migrants at Tijuana shelters.

Desert Sun – USA Today reporter Rebecca Plevin  posted a photo of the fence climbers on Tuesday but then deleted the photo from Twitter. Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies, reposted the photo.

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Another reason to build the wall and enact immigration reform. Go Trump.