Trump Administration Backs Deadly 5G Technology, and His Supporters Are Silent

Activist, Gary Gileno, explains that 5G (fifth-generation cellular technology) is being built to enable artificial intelligence to control the Internet of things, which is everything we use with a computer chip in it.  AI is expected to take over many jobs through robotics, and Trump is streamlining  and giving the process a fast track. 5G also will be used to implement the UN’s Agenda 2030, which is a blueprint for global collectivism.  5G is being sold to the public by promises of super-fast download speeds.  Israel invented 5G, but will not be implementing it – for good reason.

5G produces millimeter waves that easily can be activated as a military weapon against civilians, which may be why the government declines to publicly test it for negative health effects.

The Trump administration is focused on encouraging private-sector investment in 5G through tax incentives and reduced regulations.  Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC, who oversees the allocation of the wireless spectrum, repealed net neutrality rules earlier this year primarily to free up additional wireless spectrum. -GEG

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I’m having doubts about Trump. He’s talking a good game but doing entirely the work of the illuminati. I hope he’s not one of them but I saw photos of him throwing the devil’s hand signs.


My husband and I quit voting a long time ago…we really have no one who reaches the top of the political pyramid without selling his soul to the devil…the one behind the Illuminati and the NWO. Devil in pink or the devil in blue was our only choices…this devil was designed to carry out the work for this time and most are totally ignorant to the fact. Just cause one spouts things that conservatives might want to hear does not mean that he plans to follow through. Time will tell…but I’ve had my doubts all along.


I have the same concerns too.

D Simpson
D Simpson

First of all, who thinks Trump supporters are silent? You see, most of us are the ones who simply hated Clinton for many reasons. Then he got a tax cut through Congress. Repealed the individual mandate. And I decided Trump is doing good things. Second, we didn’t have a voice the entire election cycle, because HRC was waltzing into the Oval Office. We were as surprised as everyone else that he won. You see, we’ve never seen anyone even want our opinion on anything, and they don’t poll us. We’re the ones that don’t care that they don’t bother us,… Read more »


What are the alternatives to Trump. Do we know all the facts about the 5G? With all the information in the age of vast communications half of which is FAKE it is exceeding hard to find truth.