EMF-Testing Professional Says 5G Microwaves Must Be Outlawed

May 27, 2019 G. Edward Griffin 4

Dr. Artra became alarmed over the fact that the telecom industry is hiding scientific proof that EMF radiation causes biological damage at levels far below what now is commonly found in metropolitan areas. If 5G is legalized, we will be exposed to much greater power levels and higher frequencies that damage human DNA.


Severe Health Risks of 5G Have Been Covered Up

May 6, 2019 ZeroHedge 3

Current safety guidelines for the massive roll out of 5G are based on a 1996 study of the extent to which a cell phone heated the head of plastic mannequin. The public has never before been exposed to the ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies as are used in 5G technology.


5G Transmitters Have Been Turned ‘ON’ in Two US Cities

April 5, 2019 Grindall61 5

Verizon announced that its 5G cell towers will be turned ‘on’ for the first time in the US in parts of two cities, Minneapolis and Chicago. Trump is pushing 5G with the justification that the US is in competition with China to be the first country to use 5G systems to monitor and control all human activity.