Birds Die Near Cell Towers But Thrive Away from Them

In 2022, seabirds were found dead, as if they had fallen mid-flight, all over the Northern Hemisphere. Ornithologists were quick to call it bird flu that traveled round the world in days, spread like water between species, and killed entire colonies in weeks. However, some populations in other areas were unaffected.


Verizon and AT&T to Roll Out 5G on January 19 after FAA Requests Delay

January 6, 2022 CNet 0

The carriers are set to use frequencies from 3.7 to 3.98GHz, but the aviation industry argued those radio airwaves may interact with instruments like altimeters that use the 4.2 to 4.4GHz ranges. Carriers agreed to lowering tower power levels nationwide with even stricter limits around airports.


The Big Island of Hawaii Calls for a Halt to 5G

November 5, 2020 Inside Towers 0

The council voted 8-1 to approve a resolution calling for “telecommunication companies and public utilities operating in Hawaii County” to halt any 5G development until independent research and testing concludes it is safe for humans.