Censorship Has Won, the Banning of Gab Proves It

Gab logo
Independent citizen journalist Tim Pool explains that Gab, a social media alternative to Facebook and Twitter that supports free speech, has been banned by their hosting provider, as well as Stripe and PayPal.  The synagogue shooter posted on Gab before he went on his rampage.  Gab is being accused of allowing people to be radicalized on their platform and are being smeared.  The shut-down of Gab shows that it may be impossible for a social media site that opposes censorship to compete with the tech giants.  If government protection that gives immunity for content posted by users against lawsuits were removed, as Facebook and Twitter can be considered publishers due to their restrictions on content they don’t like, the tech giants would likely lose their monopolies.

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2 years ago

There was a snuff movie on facebook for over a year and it wasn’t taken down… even after numerous complaints about it. There are all sorts of perversions and BS all over YouTube. The Pots & Kettle proverb lives.