Israeli and Saudi Forces Strike Civilian Targets as War Heats Up in the Middle East


Israel military is attacking Palestinian civilians in retaliation against Hamas for launching rockets into Israeli territory. As in the past, these battles are skewed heavily against the Palestinians. For example, during the 2014 Gaza War when six Israelis died, Israeli soldiers killed more than 2,300 Palestinians. Today, Saudi military killed more than 50 Palestinians, mostly children, in an air strike on a school bus.

[Many people believe that criticism of the Israeli government is the equivalent of antisemitism. However, before jumping to that conclusion, be sure to hear Morphonios’ comments near the end of this report. We must not be fooled into thinking that all Jews should be blamed for the crimes of some Jews who call themselves Zionists – any more than all Americans should be blamed for the crimes of some Americans who call themselves globalists. Furthermore, if anyone can provide credible evidence that Jake’s facts are wrong, please send them to us, and we will publish them to set the record straight. Our goal is, not to show loyalty to one side or the other in this conflict but simply to present the truth.] -GEG


Summary by JW Williams

Jake Morphonios explains that Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed multiple civilians, including a pregnant woman and her child, claiming that the Palestinians launched 150 rockets, thus justifying retaliation. In 1967, the Israeli government militarily seized vast swathes of Palestinian land, and to prevent the Palestinians from returning to their homes, Israel built Jewish-only housing settlements. Since then, a very small number of Palestinian radical militants occasionally launch relatively primitive rockets into Israel, and this is used as an excuse by the IDF to react with a brutal military response for collective punishment to the entire Palestinian population. During the Gaza War of 2014, Operation Protective Edge, was extremely lopsided when Israel killed 2,300 Palestinians (and 75% were non-combative civilians) while the Palestinians fired over 4,500 small rockets into Israel that killed a grand total of six people. During the six-week conflict, Israel destroyed more than 17,000 Palestinian homes and 244 schools. Jake Morphonios believes that Israel now is preparing a repeat of the 2014 massacre. He also warns against a potential false-flag operation to justify an aggressive war with Iran and Yemen – in the name of righteous retaliation.

Today, the Saudi military blew up a school bus that killed at least 50 people, mostly children. Incredibly, the Saudis said the attack was justified. The Saudis have had a continuous blockade on the ports of Yemen, which has contributed to mass starvation and the worst cholera outbreak in the last century. Unfortunately, the Saudis are militarily backed by the US government, with President Trump’s endorsement.



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Janet Wilkinson
Janet Wilkinson
2 years ago

Does it matter to anyone that in 1967 Israeli settlements were bombarded by Syrian forces and a massive army consisting of Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian, Kuwaiti, and Algerian forces surrounded Israel in preparation for an attack. Israel struck preemptively and in the ensuing six day long war won a decisive victory, taking several areas of land in the process. After their victory, the UN wanted them to give the acquired lands back but they refused. When have the victors in a war ever been required to return the land they captured?? They instead said if their enemies would… Read more »

2 years ago

Hi Ed

I checked out the comments on Jake’s youtube page – sickening.

So many lies – not sure where to start….

Prager explains the Israel / Palestinian conflict

Forever the victims…

The background story that led to today’s build up…..(Youtube removed it….notice how few views it has)

James Ellis
James Ellis
2 years ago

Miko Peled, the son of a general in the 6-Day War, dispels the lie that Israel was attacked and that it was were merely defending itself.  He said that he reviewed that minutes of meetings between Israeli generals and found conversations about an opportunity to destroy the Egyptian army, which they accomplished in the 1967 War.  The Israeli army then conquered the Golan Heights and the West Bank.  The 6-Day War was a war of aggression.