South Africa: White Boer Farmers May Settle in Russia to Escape Genocide


South Africa: Boer farmers, who descended from Dutch settlers, are being brutally slaughtered due to racial animosity, and because they own great swaths of land that the Bantu people are told was stolen from them. South Africa is arid, and the Boer farmers who developed modern agricultural skills made the land sufficiently productive to feed the nation. Boer farmers who now wish to return to the Netherlands have been denied permission by their motherland to do so. They also are refused by Europe. Russia is considering taking in 15,000 Boer farmers but requires a payment of $100,000 per family to lease the Russian farmland. -GEG

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THESE are the people we should be giving asylum to, as well as the Christians in the middle east.

Africans are coming over here in swarms: send them back and give them the property that is being taken from these white/Dutch farmers. Not a real fair trade to the white farmers, but better than execution and moving to a communist country.

Then lets engage them in taking back farming in America from the “factory” farmers who lack any sense of humanity in their treatment of animals.

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady

The Boers didn’t steal and murder and rape. The moved onto land that no one else was using because it was so arid. They figured out how to irrigate it and grow crops and fed the rest of the country. After they are all gone, the land will return to being arid because the natives won’t know how to upkeep the irrigation, and they won’t have the food anymore. It’s called “biting the hand that feeds you”.