Trump Rattles G7 Meeting with Irreverent Actions and Words

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Quebec, Canada: Trump has angered the other leaders at the G7 conference by insulting Justin Trudeau, skipping the climate-change discussions, canceling a meeting with French President Macron, showing up late to a gender-equality breakfast, and suggesting that Russia be re-admitted to G7. Trump surprised German Chancellor Angela Merkel (and everyone else) when he floated the idea of scrapping all tariffs, barriers or subsidies. [We are mindful that President Trump’s decisions and appointments cannot be predicted by his impromptu actions and words.] -GEG

President Trump’s 24 hours in Quebec while attending the annual G-7 Summit was every bit as confrontational as we imagined they would be. The president has enraged his fellow world leaders, insulted Justin Trudeau, who’s hosting the summit in Quebec and whom Trump repeated referenced as just “Justin”, and skipped a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has attacked him and vowed to challenge his “America First” trade agenda while also confronting him about his climate stance – something that might be difficult to do, since Trump left this morning after he said he would skip  discussions about climate change Saturday night.

Trump also showed up late to a gender-focused breakfast meeting, billed by the event’s Canadian organizers as a chance for leaders to “draft concrete actions for the G-7 to advance gender equality,” according to CBC. Isabelle Hudon, Canada’s ambassador to France, was making opening remarks when Trump and a flood of press pool members arrived and interrupted her.

As Trump quietly took his place between Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, and Lt.-Gen. Christine Whitecross, the Canadian head of the NATO college in Rome, Trudeau restated his welcome and Hudon repeated her remarks.

Then there were his controversial remarks. Early on, Trump suggested that the G-7 should consider readmitting Russia, which was kicked out in 2014 for its activities in Crimea. Trump instead blamed those on Obama. Also on Friday, Trump floated the idea of ending all tariffs and trade barriers between the US and its allies – a pitch that wasn’t exactly expected, according to Politico. Trump offered the proposal at the end of a “contentious” meeting on trade disputes. Most G-7 members remain furious with Trump over his decision to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, and his threats to impose more trade restrictions. Merkel responded positively to Trump’s suggestion, saying she would consider it.

“We should at least consider no tariffs, no barriers — scrapping all of it,” Trump said, according to officials who were listening and taking notes.

Before leaving for his meeting with Kim Jong Un, Trump provided an update during a live press conference with Larry Kudlow and John Bolton. First he thanked Trudeau and praised Canada as a “beautiful country” before launching into a summary of issues starting with trade. Though he walked away without signing the US on to the traditional post-summit agreement (providing more fodder for critics who sneered about the G-6 + 1), Trump insisted that the G-7 was “tremendously successful” and despite trade tensions “relationships are outstanding.” He adds that the tariff situation is “going to change, 100 percent” as the US is “like the piggy bank that everyone robs”.

During his talk, Trump alternated between stream-of-conscious rambling about trade, Russia and North Korea and taking questions from reporters.

On trade:

“We had productive discussion on having fair and reciprocal” trade and market access.

“We’re linked in the great effort to create a more just and prosperous world. And from the standpoint of trade and creating more prosperous countries, I think they are starting to be committed to more fair trade. We as a nation lost $870 billion on trade…I blame our leaders and I congratulate leaders of other countries for taking advantage of our leaders.”

“If they retaliate they’re making a tremendous mistake because you see we have a tremendous trade imbalance…the numbers are so much against them, we win that war 1000 times out of a 1000.”

“We’re negotiating very hard, tariffs and barriers…the European Union is brutal to the United States….the gig is up…there’s nothing they can say.”

“We’re like the piggy bank that everybody’s robbing.”

“I would say the level of relationship is a ten – Angela, Emmanuel and Justin – we have a very good relationship. I won’t blame these people, unless they don’t smarten up and make the trades fair.”

On eliminating trade barriers:

“That’s the way it should be. No tariffs, no barriers – no subsidies.”

“You go tariff free you go barrier-free you go subsidy-free – that’s the way we learned it at the Wharton School of Finance. We can’t have an example where the US is paying fees of 270%.”

Then “Worst, Fake News” CNN asked President Trump how disastrous his trade policies are and how his actions are hurting relationships… to which he replied very informatively, ending “so you can tell that to your fake friends at CNN…”

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David James
David James
4 years ago

Trump is a very different kind of pain in the butt than what we are used to, but I tire of hearing nothing but “irreverent” remarks about him, simply because he is more honest, more forthright, & more arrogant than former presidents. He’s not a diplomat, for sure, but what or who would you replace him with? Bushite, Obamite, and Clintonite types? Is it that he’s not perfect, and puts foot in mouth frequently? Even though I’m not 100% nuts about him, his good points, to date, to me, cause me to rate him as the best president we’ve had… Read more »