Republican Lawmaker Kevin Yoder Sneaks New Asylum Rules into Budget that Will Destroy US Borders


Republican Representative Kevin Yoder  advanced an amendment to a spending bill that would nullify Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to stop granting asylum to people who claim “credible fear” from gang violence and domestic violence, essentially throwing US borders wide open to hundreds of millions of migrants from Latin America.  Republican lawmakers are betraying Americans who voted for them by refusing to change immigration laws when they had the chance and majority in both the House and Senate.

By JW Williams
The Republicans’ Department of Homeland Security spending bill, which is a “must pass” budget, includes the ‘Price Amendment’ that could reverse Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reforms on asylum that stopped illegal aliens from claiming asylum under “credible fear” of gang violence or domestic violence.  Fox News host Laura Ingraham pointed out that if the new barometer for asylum status is whether a foreigner feels safe in his or her own country (and private home), we might as well throw the borders wide open.

This could cause hundreds of millions of people to migrate to America based on this interpretation of the law!  The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 32 million new voting age adults could resettle in the US by 2036.  Democrats support this agenda to gain new voters while big business backs the agenda to gain cheap labor.
Republican Representatives Kevin Yoder and Rod Frelinghuysen allowed the amendment into the bill with only a sneaky voice vote.  If members were forced to vote on the record, and face accountability, the vote may have been different.
Three more amendments would allow more than triple the number of guest worker visas while eliminating per-country limits on employment-based green cards that would favor nationals from India and China to replace American workers in the tech industry.
Amazon and Microsoft applauded Yoder’s amendment that would fast-track 200,000 Indian visa-workers, who are willing to work long hours for low pay, in the pursuit of gaining citizenship and using chain migration to bring in their spouses, parents, children, and more.
American workers are being replaced by foreigners.
Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said, “There is at least one redeeming feature of the spending bill; the inclusion of $5 billion in border wall funding, which earned Congressman Yoder the praise and endorsement of President Trump. However, we would be remiss not to remind the administration that the border wall is absolutely useless with asylum laws that encourage thousands of economic migrants to make frivolous claims and then disappear into the illegal alien population.
“The only proper recourse is for several of these egregious provisions to be stripped in the House Rules Committee. If Congressman Yoder wants to join with Democrats to enact radical anti-borders immigration policies, he should do so when the American people are watching, with fair and open debate, not by hijacking must pass pieces of legislation.”
Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers who refuse to pass sensible immigration laws are the enemy of the American people.

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