Death on the Gaza Border: More Palestinian Protests, Israel Using Live Rounds

Razan Najjar, Palestinian nurse, Youtube

Four Palestinians protesters were killed and about 100 wounded on Friday, in the 11th consecutive week of clashes along the border between the Gaza Strip and southern Israel. One of the victims who was killed was a 15-year old boy. Another protester was shot in the face with a tear canister that, literally, had to be surgically remove. There have been 126 Palestinians killed, over 3,600 wounded by live ammunition. Palestinian protesters have been throwing rocks and burning tires so the wind will carry smoke and stench across the border.

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Ed H
Ed H

Razan was videod stating she was a human shield and also throwing an incediary device over the border. She was no innocent and these monstrous Palestinians sacrifice their beautiful young women and children because they can’t control their pride. They have no high ground.


Israel is setting new standards for the best of what it means to be human. Kill those who are not like you. Up next? Machine-guns across the Rio Grand?