Mixed Emotions over Oliver North Being Named President of NRA

Jake Morphonios comments on Oliver North being named as the new president of the National Rifle Association. Morphonios recounts his boyhood as a stanch admirer and political supporter of North until after 9/11, at which time he became aware that North was a significant part of the military-industrial complex and had worked with the CIA to covertly import weapons to Iran as part of a scheme to illegally fund the CIA-created rebel force in Nicaragua. That force was called the Contras, and it was used to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. Oliver North also played a major role in running drugs from Central and South American drug cartels into the US as an additional means of funding the operation. [Although not mentioned in this video, North also was a key figure in creating a plan to build a computer data base of everyone who objected to this scheme with the intended purpose of using it to arrest and imprison them in the event of a threat to ‘national security’. All in the name of patriotism, of course.] -GEG

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When Reagan need someone without principles to run Iran Contra, and Colon Powell wouldn’t touch it he knew the man heading up RET84/Operation Garden Plot who was creating all the concentration camps across America to put Americans in would do anything… This is not a person I trust to protect anything: I would not choicably allow him to protect burning turds.

christopher scallio
christopher scallio

I think after Reagan’s 10th week when he was shot is when Bush really began running the White House.

H. Jablomi
H. Jablomi

Hinkly wasn’t even capable of pointing a firearm, aiming and pulling the trigger. We are talking being feet away from the target and shutting your eyes while pulling the trigger. Poor Brady took the brunt of the action.

On the bright side Ollie has several good conduct ribbons.

christopher scallio
christopher scallio

Oh No! The CIA is now running the NRA!

Richard Wicks
Richard Wicks

They chose this criminal garbage to be president of the NRA to discredit the NRA. This man is nothing more than a drug running thug and a professional liar and murderer. Why was such a man chose to be president of the NRA when the 2nd amendment is under attack?