Illegal Alien Shot and Killed Crossing the US Border


Rio Bravo, Texas: Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez, 20, traveled from Guatemala to the US, as an economic migrant seeking a job. Unfortunately, she chose to enter illegally as part of a group that sought to overcome US Border Patrol. Shortly after she set foot in Texas, she was shot and killed by a Boarder Patrol officer who says she was not a target but simply part of the group that was rushing toward him. The original report was that the officer was attacked by migrants armed with “blunt objects,” but this was later changed to the claim that the group “rushed” the officer after ignoring orders to get on the ground. Three illegal immigrants were arrested. -GEG

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Sorry to see a death occur, but anyone crossing our border without permission to do so knows they are breaking the law. There needs to start being some accountability. If they don’t stop with vocal command, then fire shots to warn, if they don’t stop fire shots to wound. If they still keep coming, well, that’s a choice they are making knowing the consequences.

M.C. Reher
M.C. Reher

I have no sympathy for anyone who wishes to destroy my country by facilitating the invasion of those who do not belong here!