Children Were Encouraged to Whack ICE Agent Piñata at Chicago East Side Community Day

Los Brown Berets
East Side Chicago Community Day organizers, a chamber of commerce comprised of over 25 local businesses, were criticized after a piñata of an ICE agent was presented to children to strike open. A representative said they never would have imaged their event would cause commotion. A spokesman from the Los Brown Berets, a far left activist group that brought out the piñata, said the ICE piñata was “not meant in a negative way.” Children also got the chance to throw balls at a painted image of President Trump, social media images show. Some applauded the activity, while others criticized it for teaching children to hate.

A community in East Chicago was left divided earlier this month after children at a block party took turns smashing a piñata made to resemble an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer.

According to a Tuesday report, the “East Side Community Day in Chicago,” on July 13 was organized by a chamber of commerce comprising 25 businesses.

Pictures on social media showed children waiting in line to smash the piñata, while some parents held their sons and daughters to hit it, CBS 2 reported

Anthony Martinez, who leads the Chicago chapter of Los Brown Berets, the group that brought out the piñata, told CBS 2 the activity was meant as a nuanced statement. “It was not meant in a negative way at all towards law enforcement,” he said. “We’re just making a statement that the federal government’s recent actions regarding deportation are wrong.”

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Disgusting…bring trash in and let their children become trash that disrespects our laws also