Facebook Bans Video Commentary Opposing Mass Migration in Hungary

Vienna, Austria. Youtube
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Facebook removed a video by Janos Lazar, the Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister of Hungary because it delivered an anti-immigration message. His commentary was recorded on the street of a neighborhood in Vienna, the capital of Austria, that has been overtaken by immigrants. He says that the area now has a higher crime rate, people are afraid, and native Europeans are being forced out. When Lazar loudly complained about taking down the video, Facebook restored it but with important features removed, such as English sub titles, accurate search-engine ranking, the ability to share, and links to similar videos. -GEG

Facebook removed a video purporting immigrants were the primary cause for reported crime growth in the adjacent country of Austria, according to the Hungarian prime minister’s chief of staff.

The social media post, published by Janos Lazar, also alleged that the once-foreign newcomers were forcing “white Christians” to evacuate, Reuters reported Thursday. Lazar traveled to a neighborhood in Vienna, the capital of Austria, to try to show how bad conditions have gotten from Middle Eastern immigrants’ arrival, and locals’ departure.

“Disorder is much higher, there is much more dirt and litter in the streets and the few Viennese still living here say that crime is a lot higher and people are living in bigger fear,” Lazar said, accompanied by piano music and shots of Muslim immigrants, according to Reuters.

The top aide to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán originally protested the removal of the recording, equating it to censorship. He eventually praised Facebook for reinstating it.

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3 years ago

Does anyone still believe that when Zuckerberg’s relatives gain the upper hand here they will not do to us what they have always done to the neighbors of their own country?

3 years ago

Imperial Rome had a word for this kind of SOCIAL AGITATOR: PEREGRINI The NT has a word for it: SYNAGOGUE OF FREEDMEN (Acts 6.9) They were manumitted Jew-slaves who were not citizens proper (= today’s Dual-Citizenship Jew), and were co-opted by the Merchant Jew to POLITICALLY AGITATE for the sake of CONTROLLING THE GOVERNMENT and ENSURING PROFITS in Commerce. What did by-the-book Emperor Tiberius Caesar do to these LIBERTINI & PEREGRINI in 19 AD? He CONSCRIPTED THEM INTO THE ARMED FORCES and sent them to the plagued island of Sardinia. Those outside of military age with bad rap sheets were… Read more »