Episcopalian Church to Adopt a ‘Gender-Neutral God’ Policy


Episcopalians in Washington, DC passed three resolutions: one declared the city a ‘sanctuary diocese’, the second was acceptance of transgenderism, and the third called for an end to gendered references to God. Reverend Alex Dyer argues that his goal is to follow Jesus’ message. In practice, however, his church has become aggressively aligned with leftist politics – and those who used to attend services to follow the message of Jesus have left in droves.

[Comment: God has no need for gender and must be far more advanced than a mere sexual creature, but humans are incapable of conceptualizing a being or entity without gender. There is no word in our vocabulary for such, unless the word is ‘it’, but that is far from adequate. Imagine how short of the mark it would be to say: “Let us be thankful to God and all that It has created.” Humans use the word Him, not to represent gender, but to create an image in the mind that is familiar to the human experience. That image is useful as an avatar of an entity that is unknowable to us and which may have no physical form at all. The Reverend surely knows all this but continues to reinforce the so-called genderless revolution, because it is destructive of the concept of family as the source of personal support and safety. Collectivists are hostile to the family, because it stands in the way of dependence on the state.] -GEG

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Tom Ball
Tom Ball

” Humans use the word Him, not to represent gender, but to create an image in the mind that is familiar to the human experience. That image is useful as an avatar of an entity that is unknowable to us and which may have no physical form at all. ” But Jesus Christ as much as admitted that he was one with God. And since Jesus Christ was male, and since he referred to God as his FATHER, one must assume, no, accept the fact that God had a good reason for revealing himself in this way. That’s unless of… Read more »


Any wonder why I dumped all ‘organized’ religions?

I saw this shit coming back in the ’50s!

I believe in God and the teachings of Jesus so don’t need a bunch of Liberal Alfa Hotels telling me HOW I must believe in them.

To me they’ve all gone off the rails.

Jesus IS coming and he’s gonna be PI$$ED!


No, a REAL god would not be upset at all because if it was a REAL god, it would be full of love and joy for all things that were created.

NWO-Genderismus: Widerlichstes soziales Manipulations-Programm der UNO- und EU-Freimaurer-Satanisten | NEW.EURO-MED.DK

[…] Griffin´s Need to Know 7 Febr. 2018:  Die Bischöfe in Washington, DC, haben drei Resolutionen verabschiedet: die eine erklärte die Stadt zur “Heiligtumsdiözese”, die zweite zur Akzeptanz des Transgenderismus, und die dritte forderte ein Ende der geschlechtsspezifischen Verweise auf Gott. Diejenigen, die Gottesdienste besuchten, um der Botschaft Jesu zu folgen, sind in Scharen von der Kirche fortgegangen. […]


PLEASE, someone, show me a real god with a meat body and some kind of genitalia, and then I will say whether it’s OK to refer to that god as a He or a She. But since deities have no gender because they are NOT incarnate, this idea of using Him or Her, Father or Mother is lunacy in the extreme. Any REAL god would tell you the exact same thing.