Why Is Trump Now Supporting DACA, and Why Haven’t Republicans Funded the Wall?

Tucker Carlson says the immigration policy of lawmakers over the past 30 years has been to grant amnesty to illegal aliens while promising future border controls that never materialize, and he says that policy continues today. President Trump won the election by promising to reform immigration, but now he is pushing DACA, and Republican lawmakers are supporting the same bad deals of the past.

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If Trump allows the DREAMERS to stay, he can forget a 2nd term. He promised voters no amnesty, no deals, the wall with strict immigration enforcement. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws. Do we have a 6th ? We have been betrayed by both political parties ! Far to many of our elected officials were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes. We are precariously close to become a banana republic.


We have ourselves to blame for what Congress does or does not do. We do not voice our discontent nor do we voice our gratitude. We elect the powers that be without doing our homework. If the candidate has the wrong affiliations, etc. DO NOT VOTE THEM INTO OFFICE…PERIOD! We have to be smarter than those pushing the wrong agenda.

Karl McGaugh
Karl McGaugh

Politicians lie! Corporate money talks for them when they campaign and I refuse to take responsibility for what they do after they get elected. Elections are not working for the people. It’s a lie that voters are responsible. Voting has become overrated. If peoples vote was as powerful as many think we could vote them out within weeks of voting them in. Most elected officials get 2-6 years before they can be voted out. The “peoples” vote is a weak motivator once elected. Money power is driving politics and the people had better learn to stop it.


The Republicans are committing suicide….Trump just stated that he would sign anything that Congress put before him on DACA and then they will address the Immigration Reform. The Dems are pulling the wool over Trump….or is Trump still a Democrat? Tax Reform may be somewhat of a good thing but best for whom? Obamacare could have been thrown out and healthcare given back to the private sector. Americans do not want the government involved in our healthcare and our healthcare decision. Nothing was accomplished. In fact, Trump kept changing his intention to throw out Obamacare to a replacement keeping the… Read more »