Kids Introduced to Illuminati Theory by the Cartoon Network

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Paul Romano comments on the Cartoon Network’s show, Teen Titans Go, which, in this episode, is preparing young children to recognize Illuminati symbolism and theory for world domination by banks and elitists. It’s not clear why they are doing this, especially inasmuch as the cartoon creates both positive and negative impressions about the Illuminati ‘Master’ and Robin, the ‘good guy’ leader of the group seeking understanding. It’s possible the producers really don’t understand the deeper meaning of this symbolism and are just using bits and dabs of it they have come across to cobble together an interesting story for the kiddies, but it also is possible that they are hoping to prepare young minds to subliminally recognize these symbols and theories and to ‘normalize’ them in their thinking later on. Either way, we are including this in our news because we think you may be interested in what is being shown to our children on the cartoon channel. -GEG 

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