Rand Paul Attacked by His Liberal Neighbor and Sustained 5 Broken Ribs

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Bowling Green, Kentucky: Senator Rand Paul was attacked at his home in a gated community, while mowing the lawn, and sustained five rib fractures. He also suffers from bruises on his lungs. His neighbor, Rene Boucher, 59, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault, and then released on $7,500 bail. While it is unknown whether the attack was political, the two men had been known to have “heated discussions” about health care.  Paul’s injuries may force him into an extended absence from the Senate, which could affect key issues in American politics. -GEG

The socialist man who assaulted Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Friday — leaving Paul with five broken ribs — released a statement through his lawyer insisting the assault had “nothing to do” with politics.

Rene Boucher, a 59-year-old retired anesthesiologist, who lives next door to Paul, faces charges of fourth-degree assault for tackling the senator as he mowed his lawn. Paul suffered lung contusions as a result of the broken ribs, his office said. Boucher was ordered to remain 1,000 feet away from Paul and his family, except while in his house, as a condition for bail, according to a copy of the citation reviewed by The Daily Caller.

Paul’s neighbors said the assault was the result of a landscaping dispute, the New York Times reported. “They just couldn’t get along. I think it had very little to do with Democrat or Republican politics,” neighbor Jim Skaggs told the NYT. “I think it was a neighbor-to-neighbor thing. They just both had strong opinions, and a little different ones about what property rights mean.”

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