EPA Chief Needs 24-Hour Security after Shutting Down Inefficient and Corrupt Programs

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US: Scott Pruitt, the Administrator of the EPA, sued the federal agency fourteen times when he was the Attorney General of Oklahoma.  He is currently being guarded round the clock because of of threats on his life. Since taking over the EPA, he has saved an estimated $30 billion by cutting waste and fraud. For example, he replaced EPA advisory panels with independent experts instead of people who depend  on the EPA for grant money.  Pruitt rescinded the EPA’s regulations called ‘Waters of the United States’ that were merely a scheme for federal zoning and confiscation of private land. -GEG.

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4 years ago

Well Ed,
What you comment is possibly true and welcome.
But be prudent: He hired external advisory panels.. do we know who is in those panels? Monsanto and Big Pharma Shills? Or does he give the contract to Organic Consumers of America?

Who did Pruitt work for or was connected to in his career? Obama said there would be no Lobbyists in his government and then filled positions with them..Lawyers and Politicians are not to be trusted and contrary to the constitution they need to prove their innocence first.